Snapchat Beta Available with Bug Fixes and New Improvements

Snapchat is a special app. It’s one of nowadays’ most popular apps, but it isn’t based on the standard app layout – It doesn’t have a typical home page like you would see on apps like Facebook or Instagram.

If you analyze it objectively, Snapchat sounds a lot like a normal instant messaging app, but there are a few differences.

First and most notably, Snapchat messages disappear, either after they are opened or after one day, depending on the user’s preferences. That made it the go-to place for some awkward conversations, curious images, or spam. Snapchat also notifies users when the person they are chatting with takes a screenshot of the conversation.

Other gizmos like Bitmoji, snapscore, and others keep millions of users hooked up on it. Plus, some of the filters are really impressive.

The app receives periodic updates. It has reached version, and the latest patch notes are mysterious as normal, only mentioning “Bug fixes and improvements! 👻”

Though the patch notes are insignificant, we can safely say that Snapchat’s developers worked hard to improve the app’s overall quality. Though you may not have experienced any change in how the service works, some users who had performance issues likely got them solved. Snapchat has to run on millions of smartphones with various operating system versions, screen sizes, and camera layouts. Thankfully, the Snapchat team does a beautiful job at keeping the app up and running.

Some updates add new content like filters or emojis, or new features, but that isn’t the case for the current update. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t update the app! Make sure that you get the new update as soon as possible!

Paula J. Campos
Paula used to work at a health publication. She is a mother of two beautiful baby girls, and loves to write about all health problems she encounters every day with her family, and most importantly, she loves to share her solutions and natural remedies with us.