Vasya the Cat Successfully Chases Brown Bear Away

The extraordinary story of how a domesticated cat stood up to a wild bear and scared him away – and how this cat – named Vasya – came to be the pride of its owners – has been receiving worldwide attention since it was posted on YouTube on 5 August. The video has been viewed more than 367.000 times and generated the admiration of viewers.

The video shows the black cat asserting its domination against a brown bear in the north of Irkutsk region. The encounter took place next to a camp where a group of friends was having a party. The bear showed up just a few meters away from the campfire and the cat immediately jumped between it and the humans.

The video was filmed by a fisherman by the name of Sergey Tarasov and it shows the cat arching its back to intimidate the confused bear. While the bear stood up on its back feet the cat did not back off, despite the fact that its owners attempted to call it back to their camp.

The owner can be heard on video: “Vasya go away from there I said! Look at it, it just keeps standing up, and it doesn’t even move! I didn’t know I had such a fearless cat!”. After a confrontation that lasted for a couple of minutes the bear is seen going back in the woods, while the black cat watched it carefully while maintaining its threatening posture.

The cat resumed its normal behavior only after the bear was far away and in the video we can hear the group of friends congratulating the small animal for its victory against a dangerous predator: “Well done Vasily Vasilyevich! This is it, you are on the front page! The biggest piece of meat is yours!”

Troy P. Stone
Troy has dreamt his entire life of becoming a doctor, but decided to study Journalism instead. He is our main contributor, and he usually covers complex health and nutrition topics.