Amouranth: How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

Twitch is the most popular streaming platform at the moment and it manages to attract large audiences around its entertainers. While most streams are dedicated to gaming content, there are some notable exceptions.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, known as Amouranth on Twitch, is one of the most well-known streamers with no gaming streams. Her live streams usually centre on simple conversation or cosplay. While this seems harmless, Amouranth was banned several times and she managed to cause the outrage of many Twitch users. Let’s see why.

Twitch suspensions

Amouranth has first been seriously banned back in September 2019 when her pants dropped on a live stream, and she flashed her audience with no underwear on. While she was suspended, this made had the opposite effect to her subscriber count and during the hiatus she gained 410,568 new followers attracted by the incident.

Arguments with local businesses

Amouranth’s cosplay often leads to incidents in public as it is often on the provocative side. One prank involved her wearing a revealing French maid costume and dusting around local stores. This made employees feel uncomfortable and she was even accused by some to be a prostitute. One arcade actually kicked her out because she was no wearing a family appropriate outfit.

Amouranth has also streamed from gyms while wearing sexy costumes and filming everyone in the gym in the background of her workout. She was asked by gym employees to stop streaming, and she instead lied about not being live.

A streamer has lost a brand deal

Amouranth’s negative reputation has begun affecting other streamers as well. Ludwig Ahgren has lost a brand deal simply by taking a photo with Amouranth. While her outfit was not vulgar, the brand believed she is an adult film star and refused to have a deal with Ahgren because of that.

Paula J. Campos
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